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FCT is made up of nine professional firefighters in Colorado. We’re a close-knit group of characters who have worked in and around each other for years. With over 150 years of fire service experience, our skill sets are as varied and unique as our personalities. We hail from all corners of the United States, and realize we are all lucky to be in this profession. Whether it was dumb luck, hard work, twists of fate, or blessed intervention, something led us all here – to the best job in the world. And we want to help you get there too!

We are located in Denver, Colorado with instructors in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are also available to you for any type of coaching in the US and Canada via Web- Conferencing. For complete details contact: john@firecareertraining.com.

Our staff features:

  • Fire officers;
  • Apparatus engineers;
  • Firefighters and fire-medics;
  • Technical Rescue technicians, Haz Mat technicians, Structural Collapse technicians, and FEMA US&R members;
  • Oral Board proctors;
  • Hiring committee members;
  • Subject matter experts;
  • Certified Fire Instructors;

As well as pre-fire service backgrounds in the military, law enforcement, construction, fitness, and education.

We are a group of firefighters who saw a need for improving the quality of applicants for today’s fire service jobs. FCT fills that need.

Please contact us!

Eric Herren
  • 11-year Career Firefighter.
  • Rescue Tech, EMT-Paramedic.
  • Prior Construction & Current Roofing Experience.
  • Oral Board Subject Matter Expert.

Eric Herren


Jeff Owston
  • Engineer
  • 24-year Career Firefighter.
  • Haz Mat Tech, Rescue Tech, First Responder, Driver Operator III, Fire Officer I.
  • Written Exam Subject Matter Expert.

Jeff Owston


Rich Klein
  • Lieutenant
  • 20-year Career Firefighter
  • Haz Mat Tech, Rescue Tech, EMT-Paramedic, Safety Officer I, Driver Operator II.
  • Prior Military Experience/Naval Firefighter.
  • Oral Board Subject Matter Expert.

Rich Klein


Joe Alvarez
  • Engineer
  • 22-year Career Firefighter
  • Haz Mat Tech, Rescue Tech, EMT-B, Driver Operator III.
  • World Police & Fire Games competitor.
  • Prior Federal Firefighter Experience.
  • Physical Fitness/PAT & CPAT Subject Matter Expert.

Joe Alvarez


John Shinkle
  • 24-year Career Firefighter.
  • Haz-Mat Tech, Rescue Tech, EMT-Basic, Driver Operator III.
  • Prior Construction Experience.
  • Fire Career Training Coordinator.

John Shinkle


Oat Whitney
  • 14-year Career Firefighter
  • Haz Mat Tech, Rescue Tech, EMT-Paramedic, Fire Officer I.
  • Adventure Racer.
  • Written Exam & PAT Subject Matter Expert.

Oat Whitney

Kent Grosse
  • 11 year career Firefighter
  • Lieutenant
  • Paramedic,Haz-Mat Tech,Rescue Tech,Safety Officer I,Driver/Operator III, Fire Instructor I,Haz-Mat Instructor
  • FEMA/USAR Member
  • Oral Board & PAT Subject Matter Expert

Kent Grosse