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One of the hallmarks of FireCareerTraining.com is the coaching options available to you, the prospective fire recruit. Our staff includes active fire officers, instructors, test proctors, and hiring board members. Because we are involved in rating firefighters and fire service candidates, we are uniquely qualified to offer coaching.

The fire service is a career richly steeped in tradition. We at FCT are so very mindful of the important role tradition plays in today’s fire service. However, we also understand and embrace the need to be progressive in recognizing that this is an evolving career path for so many. Consequently, we gear our coaching to you. Not only we will reinforce the strengths you bring to the testing process, but also help you to overcome and eliminate the areas where struggles may occur.

The fire service testing process is fairly consistent across the board. Whether you are applying for the Cincinnati Fire Department, the Orange County Fire Authority, or Metro Dade Fire Rescue, the steps are very similar. FCT is designed to allow you to be trained in methods that will help you succeed in any fire-testing process.

A full appreciation of backgrounds comes into play here, as well. Because we have all been a part of so many hiring and testing sessions at our own fire department, we are well aware of shortcomings that do occur. Educational experiences may allow one candidate to score higher on a written exam than another. Physical size, fitness level, and gender may prove more or less advantageous to some in the PAT. An outgoing candidate with public speaking experience may breeze through an oral board while a more introverted individual may struggle. We get it! And we can help.


The Fire Career Training seminars are targeted to large audiences of prospective candidates for the fire service. Here, we allow the audience to guide our lectures. While we focus on the ins and outs of the Written, Physical, and Oral Board steps of the testing process, we are able to engage in give-and-take with our seminar attendees. It's amazing what can be gleaned from a room full of eager participants. And everyone brings a unique experience to this discussion that allows us all to learn a thing or two about the process.


For some, the group dynamic may not be the best method. That is why at FCT we offer private coaching option for those who feel that an individualized approach will yield the most fruit. - Sit through and take a firefighter written exam in real time. We grade you right then and there, offer pointers in areas that need improvement, and direct you to the various resources available either from FCT or through other available avenues. - Run you through a mock PAT. Trouble with the dummy-drag? Here's 3 different ways to do it. How do I improve grip strength to pull a bundle of hose up two stories with a rope? Here are some exercises and different techniques to not fry your hands. - Take a mock oral board. Show up in your best business attire, sit before a board of three evaluators, and experience an oral board in real time.


The oral board interview may be the single most important part of the fire service testing process. And for many, it is the most stressful. To have to walk into a room of perfect strangers, most of whom are veterans of the job you are seeking, and to sell yourself to them can be an intimidating and overwhelming task. Add to that the numerical weight placed on the scoring of this segment by many fire departments, and the stakes are raised. For so many candidates, this step in the testing process is a deal-breaker. But for those who can excel on an oral board interview, the result consistently places them near the top of hiring classes.

The FCT method involves the candidate arriving for an oral board in real time. We suggest business attire, even for the mock. Practice like you play, we like to say. Either our 3 person board-a much more realistic scenario-or a one man evaluator will run you through an oral interview. Scenarios will be offered, questions on personal history and background, inquiries into personal preparation, and problem solving situations likely faced in the fire service.

But unlike a REAL oral interview, feedback is instantaneous. No walking out of the room left wondering, "How did I do?" We remove the doubts regarding areas of improvement. We will help you build upon your strengths, and minimize your weaknesses. And ALL OF IT on VIDEO if desired.


You see, the reality of this process is that we all know what a good fire candidate is. This is a chance for you to become one. The fire service is fairly similar nationwide. As one of our staff likes to say: "Same circus, different clowns." The fire department crews are fairly consistent. The bottom line is this: do we want to work with YOU? So not only do you have to perform well on written, physical, and oral exams, but you have to approach each of these steps with an attitude that says "I want to be a part of this!"

The fire service has no shortage of applicants. The top guns of these processes get jobs. And they get these jobs by displaying a willingness to learn and be taught, by bringing an attitude that embraces team work and crew dynamics, and by applying a passion for the fire service into every step they take throughout the hiring process. FCT will help you get there!


Individualized Private Coaching in any subject: $100.00 per hour or $500.00 per day

3 on 1 Mock Oral Board: $200.00

Payment in Cash, Check, Credit cards accepted

Please contact us with any questions or to set up an appointment: info@firecareertraining.com

We are available to you for any type of coaching in the US and Canada via Web-Conferencing.

Please contact: john@firecareertraining.com for the details.