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We strongly believe that the following link to California’s CPAT prep video is the most informative of its kind. The exercises and information will help you through one of the most difficult and physically taxing aspects of becoming a Career Firefighter! Check out the video at: http://www.cffjac.org/go/jac/cpat/preparing-for-the-cpat/

Please note: there are also many career fire departments that do not utilize the CPAT as part of their physical/fitness testing. However, many of the exercises and skills featured in their physical fitness testing are very similar to those found in the CPAT. The exercises would leave you just as prepared.

Physical fitness is a crucial and ongoing hallmark of the fire service job. Continuing Line of Duty Deaths has also cast a light on the importance of fire department employee wellness, fitness, and health programs.

Fire Career Training will custom-design a fitness or conditioning program for you. If you are able to ascertain the specifics of a Physical Ability Test (PAT) for a particular department, we can prepare you for it!

Most importantly - WE ARE NOT DOCTORS, and consequently advise anyone who is interested in taking up a fitness, conditioning, or exercise program to seek input from a licensed physician prior to beginning one. This way, we help you prepare SAFELY for this challenging step of the hiring process.

Please contact us to answer any questions you may have:info@firecareertraining.com