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FIRE CAREER TRAINING.COM offers you an all encompassing training experience. Our program offers a number of packages and resources to help you achieve your goal of a job in the American fire service. The training can be tailored to your individual needs and their respective problem areas in the testing process, or as a comprehensive guide through the testing/hiring steps from beginning to end. The choice is yours.


  • Sample written exams and questions targeting listening comprehension, map reading, mechanical aptitude, and mathematics.

  • Sample Oral Board questions – scenario based, personal history, and problem-solving.

  • Physical Ability Testing (PAT) – videos, links, nutritional, and exercise recommendations.

  • Resume samples, preparation exercises, and tips.

Today’s fire service offers a multitude of opportunities for women. Fire Career Training provides the tools to transform a career-oriented woman into a career firefighter!


  • The bread-and-butter steps of the hiring process, and the reason FCT is here. We can lead you through the potential pitfalls and obstacles of each one of these crucial tiers of new applicant testing. The setting is up to you – individually or group, through coaching or seminars.

  • Click on the respective tabs for more in-depth information.


Reality-based, no fluff attention to your individual needs. We’ve all been there, and understand how much easier the process can be if you have someone to coach you through it. If your preference is one-on-one help for each segment of testing, or three-on-one mock oral boards, we have you covered! We’re not here to teach you the answers. We’re here to show you how to test with the right attitude, appearance, and confidence. The information we have is info you want. And information is power. Power equals confidence. And confident fire service applicants get fire service jobs!


For those of you firmly entrenched in the fire service, and are beyond the need for help in the hiring process, FCT offers a variety of training opportunities. Due to the extensive experience of our professional staff, and the involvement each has in so many areas of the national fire service, FCT can accommodate any of your training needs. Whether you are seeking technical rescue classes, apparatus instruction, or promotional input, FCT can help. Please contact us directly to describe your needs, and utilizing our own pool of available resources, we will help you on your way.

Email to: info@firecareertraining.com